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More Planting April 21, 2010

Yesterday morning, one of our neighbors brought over a couple black plum trees that she had dug up from a friends orchard.  So we now have a plum row started in our orchard, taking our tree count up to 14.  She also gave me a couple of grape starts.  She said I was to plant them as they are, which is just a couple sticks, so we will see how those do.  They were planted along the fence by the berry patch. 

I managed to get the first bed of carrots and some onions planted in the garden.  The first row of radishes are coming up and I will plant the second row early next week.  Kale and cabbage are next on the list, followed closely by broccoli and potatoes.

The last few days have been just beautiful.  Bright sunshine and warm afternoons.  Today is much cooler, so I will most likely work on some inside projects while letting my sunburned arms take a rest.


Bailey’s New Pen April 15, 2010

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Last fall, Bailey’s kennel tried to fly away in the wind.  It made it about halfway across our backyard and was pretty much destroyed.  Rob put the frame back together, but since the chain link is toast, he is turning it into a greenhouse.  Since then, Bailey has been staying in a sheep shelter whenever we go somewhere.  Well, the chicks are in there now.  So yesterday afternoon, I wrestled with a couple of hog panels until they were formed into a decent new dog pen.  Secured to the ground with t-posts, it should not be blowing away anytime soon.

I also worked on sanding the barn and the spinach finally made its way into the garden.  Today has not been nearly as productive, but luckily, it is not over yet.


Who’s Next? April 13, 2010

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I planted garlic in the garden yesterday.  It joins two rows of peas and one row of radishes.  Spinach needs to go in, too, but I need to wait for it to dry out a little after the spring rain today.  Next in line are onions and carrots.  From now until mid-May there will be a steady line of vegetables being planted.  My seed starts are all doing great this year and I am looking forward to getting them in the ground, too!


A Little R&R April 11, 2010

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We began the repair and renovation on the barn yesterday.  Rob’s brother, Rich, came out to help us and we were able to get quite a bit done.  Rob got the roof put back together while Rich fixed an entrance that had been knocked off its rocker.  I started sanding the old paint off the barn in preparation for a fresh coat.  We screwed all the siding back down and it already looks tons better.  I can’t wait to get the paint on it!!  Unfortunately, that is going to have to wait a little bit longer.  I have garden beds that need to be prepared and they take priority over painting.  (Sniff Sniff) 

This morning the guys repaired the roof on the house.  Hopefully we will not have any more extremely high winds for a while.  While the guys were working on that, I dug a couple more garden beds.  Peas have been in for a week or so and I put radishes in this morning.  I have the bed for garlic ready, but I probably won’t get it planted until tomorrow.  Four beds down, 30 more to go.  Anybody looking for something to do?  If so…

The duck house is coming along nicely.  We need to pick up a few more supplies, and then the ducks are moving in.  The plan is to finish that up next weekend.  Spring projects are just moving right along.


Garden Wizard March 16, 2010

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We have a great computer program called Garden Wizard. It allows you to enter in your garden size, all the vegetables that you want to plant, and the quantity of each. It also keeps track of your location, so that you do not plant things that will not grow in your area. After you have entered in all of your information, it tells you when to start the seeds, when to transplant, when the seeds go in the ground if they are not started beforehand, etc. It tells you about spacing and the approximate harvest date. Apparently I started the tomatoes a little early, but with my track record, I’ll need a little extra time to restart the ones I kill. The great thing is that we now have a garden layout so we can see how much space we have left over and decide what we want to plant more of. This year we have decided to dedicate a row to the 2nd Harvest food bank, and now we can decide what to plant as well as how much of each. This is such a great program for those of us who are relatively new to the game of gardening. 


Grow Seeds, Grow! March 9, 2010

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Today I started the first of this year’s seeds.  Most of the tomatoes and peppers are in, as well as some eggplant and a few herbs.  They usually start out just fine, but after a while I start killing them.  Too moist, too dry, not enough room in the pots, who knows.  As an aspiring farmer, I am embarassed to admit that my thumb is a very very dark shade of brown.  This year, though, I am determined to lighten it up a little.  Rob has a plan to convert our old dog kennel into a greenhouse, so hopefully that will help.  🙂 


Spring Tilling March 8, 2010

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Give us a weekend and a couple beautiful days and we can get a lot done around here.  My husband Rob tilled the whole garden, a seperate spot for herbs, a small berry patch and a run for pumpkins and watermelons.  

The fence line got cleared of weeds, the 12th fruit tree was planted in the orchard, the ewes were moved into the barn in preparation for lambing, and the Christmas lights came down off the house.  Of course, today the wind and rain have moved in, so it is a great day to start sorting through some seeds.  Also, I mailed our Farmers Market application this morning!