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Turning the Dream into Reality

Adjustments April 7, 2010

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“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.”–W. Clement Stone

Lucky for us, there is more than one Farmer’s Market in the area. We turned in an application this morning for another market. We should know something from them within two weeks. The member fee is quite a bit higher than the other market, but it is in a good location, so hopefully (if we are accepted) we will be able to make it back. Our farm is still small and new and we are looking to gain invaluable experience.

The little ducks joined the larger ducks in the barn this morning. They are getting along well and I am amazed at the size difference between them. They are only two weeks apart, but ducklings grow so fast. A couple of the older ones are trying to move from their squeak to a quack and they are starting to grow tail and wing feathers. It won’t be too much longer until they outgrow their current home.


Minor Setback March 30, 2010

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“When just starting out on a new journey it’s only natural to feel vulnerable. After all, it may seem that you have much to lose. But may I remind you that never again, at any other point in the same journey, will you have so much to gain.”     Mike Dooley

Apparently the Spokane Farmers Market has a lot of applicants these days, because we are not needed.  They sent us a letter along with our membership fee and told us we would be put on a waiting list.  It is kind of disappointing because I was really looking forward to having a table down at the market, but it is just a minor setback.  There are bound to be lots of obstacles along the way.  It will not slow us down though, because this is what we want to do, and we have only just begun…