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Turning the Dream into Reality

More Planting April 21, 2010

Yesterday morning, one of our neighbors brought over a couple black plum trees that she had dug up from a friends orchard.  So we now have a plum row started in our orchard, taking our tree count up to 14.  She also gave me a couple of grape starts.  She said I was to plant them as they are, which is just a couple sticks, so we will see how those do.  They were planted along the fence by the berry patch. 

I managed to get the first bed of carrots and some onions planted in the garden.  The first row of radishes are coming up and I will plant the second row early next week.  Kale and cabbage are next on the list, followed closely by broccoli and potatoes.

The last few days have been just beautiful.  Bright sunshine and warm afternoons.  Today is much cooler, so I will most likely work on some inside projects while letting my sunburned arms take a rest.


This and That March 29, 2010

We had a weekend full of small projects. That is one of the best things around here – we are never lacking in things to do! We dug our strawberry rows and put 75 plants in the ground. 50 of them are June-bearers and 25 are everbearers. Next year should be a great year for strawberries!

We turned Liesel and her lambs out of their jug. The lambs are all playing and Liesel is happy because she dislikes being contained. Marta, on the other hand, has moved into Liesel’s old jug because she is now convinced that she only had one baby and is rejecting one of her twins. We are currently trying to trick Marta into accepting her lamb. I am hoping that she will accept him by the end of the week so we can turn all the sheep back out to pasture. Hopefully we will not have another bottle baby this year.

We picked up 8 cornish-cross chicks. These are the start of our meat birds. We will probably get some more in a couple weeks or so. Of course, this means that there are chicks living in the laundry room once again, which does not hurt my feelings at all.  🙂