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A New Adventure April 29, 2010

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When most people buy houses, they plan on staying. That was the certainly the case when we bought this house. We had no intentions of moving again. Especially since we had moved quite a few times in the past.

The problem is that Rob and I are wanderers at heart. As much as we love the farm, we love roaming, too. Perhaps some people aren’t meant to be in the same place forever. Perhaps when a person is where they are truly meant to be, moving is not a consideration. Perhaps we just haven’t found our place yet.

Rob has been offered a job in Montana. No matter how we look at it, it makes more sense to go than stay. We lived in Montana in the early part of our relationship and have been wanting to go back ever since. Here is our chance.

Despite the fact that it is what we want to do, it has not been a pain-free decision. We have to walk away from everything we have started here. Someone else will watch our orchard grow and enjoy the fruit for years to come. Our chickens will scratch around on someone else’s property. Our sheep will graze somebody else’s pastures. And while someone else begins a new adventure on this property, we will continue on our own journey.

No matter how hard certain aspects are, I know that this is the right decision. I feel it in every ounce of myself. I will take with me some amazing memories from this little farm. I will forever cherish the time spent here. And I know in my heart that someday, we too will find the place we are truly meant to be.


2 Responses to “A New Adventure”

  1. Caryn Scanlon Says:

    We wish you much luck in your new adventure. We know you’ll do great at whatever the future offers you.

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