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Consolidation April 12, 2010

Filed under: Chicken Runs,Daily Life,Farm Critters — harpersfarm @ 11:48 am

Rob is a master at turning a 2×4 and a scrap piece of siding into a chicken house. Me, not so much. But this morning, I decided to tackle some chicken housing “issues.” We had meat chicks in the house, meat chicks in the barn and future layers in the house as well as in the barn. They were all over, and it was time to do some consolidating. So, I took a couple scraps of wood and a chunk of fencing and I made a chicken house. All 20 cornish-cross chicks had a meet-and-greet in their new home complete with heat lamp, the dogs travel crate filled with comfy pine shavings and fresh food and water. When they get a little bigger, I will be able to take the front off and they will have access to a small fenced pen.

Once they were all situated, I tackled the future layers. There were four still in the house, but they are quite a bit smaller than the original eight, so I divided the barn brooder so they can all get used to each other for a couple of weeks, and then I will take the divider down.

I am glad that Master Builder is Rob’s job, but it feels good to know that from time to time, I too, can turn a couple of wood scraps into a chicken house.


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