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A Little Wind Blown April 9, 2010

Filed under: Chicken Runs,Daily Life — harpersfarm @ 7:42 am

Turns out that the rain yesterday morning was the least of my problems.  The wind on the other hand, was something else.  Our roof isn’t looking so great, and some of our barn blew off, but we made it through. This weekend will be spent putting things back together. We have arranged to rent an extension ladder so we can get up to the roof of the barn. I figure while we are at it, I may as well put a fresh coat of paint on the old thing. It has taken quite a beating over the years. The power was out for a few hours, but luckily it came back on before it got too late. The chicks and ducklings still using heat lamps were happy about that.

Speaking of chicks… I have been trying to behave myself when it comes to bringing home more chicks and ducklings from the store. It has been a whole week since I bought any more babies. (The fact that I have not been to town unattended in a week may have something to do with it, but that is beside the point.) So imagine my surprise when Rob came home yesterday with a box containing 12 more cornish-cross chicks. He went in for feed and came out with chicks. Apparently I am not the only one who cannot go into the feed store for just one item…


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