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Meet The Sheep! March 10, 2010

Filed under: Farm Critters — harpersfarm @ 9:35 am

The biggest contributors to the farm are the sheep.  We currently have three Romney ewes and a Dorset ram, and we hope to add some more ewes as time goes on.  Liesel, Marta, Gretel and Gouda (“Papa Cheese”)  are wonderful to have around.  Every spring we have their beautiful fleeces sheared off and we either work on spinning them or, like this year, we sell them.  They produce the most tasty lambs as well.  We should start seeing lambs on the ground around the 17th of March.  I am currently working on tanning the hides from last years lambs, and am anxious to see how they will turn out.  The sheep also give us great compost material and they fertilize the pasture while they mow it.  Ours are completely irresistible, and they know it.  🙂      


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